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MoE directive to stop receiving visitors allegedly tied to interviews ‘Officials should choose best 3 among the candidates’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: Ministry of Education Undersecretary Mariam Al-Wateed recently issued a directive to stop receiving visitors in the offices of the minister and the undersecretary allegedly due to the ongoing interviews of candidates for some leading positions, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting sources. Sources said this step delayed the processing of many transactions despite the fact that the interview area is far from the abovementioned offices. Sources disclosed the directive nearly caused problems when a verbal altercation occurred between a visitor and an employee. Sources added the directive also covers journalists, indicating this is an unjustified action. Meanwhile, procedures for the selection of three out of seven nominees to serve as directors of Capital, Hawalli and Jahra educational districts include marathon interviews — thrice within intervals of about two hours on the same day, reports Al- Seyassah daily quoting a source.

The source wondered what could be the rationale behind conducting 21 interviews in one day. He said the first interview to select the director for Capital Educational District will start at 8:30 am, while the second one for Hawalli will end at 12:00 noon and the third for Jahra will commence at 1:00 pm. He stressed that the nominees will apply for the same position in three occasions with only a difference in location, while the responsibilities and regulations in all areas are similar. The interviewees will present their plans and visions on three occasions, but the contents are similar except for names of the areas. He pointed out that in a situation, in which a candidate came first for interview in a particular area and then failed in another, will feel bad once the information is leaked. He expressed concern over how the committee will select in case one candidate led in more than one interview, will they give him the right to choose his preferred area? He stressed the previous method was better and straightforward. He said the officials should have chosen the best three among the candidates as was done in the past.

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