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‘Grilling of power minister overdue Cancellation of hospitals project key pivot

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: The intended grilling request against the Minister of Electricity and Water, Minister of Public Works Abdulaziz Al- Ibrahim will be filed at the end of the current month or early February, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. Parliamentary sources said the three-pivot proposal has political dimensions and carry direct message to HH the Prime Minister, indicating the lawmakers do not accept the reappointment of Al- Ibrahim after the lawmakers vetoed against him.

They refuted the recent rumor alleging a ‘truce’ has been reached between the parliament and the government to give the ministers a chance to implement their programs. In this context, MP Saadoun Hammad said the cancellation of tender on the four new hospitals project is key pivot — add to illegal signing of the contract for Al-Zour project and the phenomenon of gravel flying on asphalt and streets, which reflects huge violations committed by beneficiaries. ‘Earlier, we had warned on recruiting Al-Ibrahim in vain, so his grilling is overdue’, he stressed. Addressing his colleague MP Adel Al-Kharafi, MP Hammad said ‘We have agreed on grilling Al- Ibrahim and I support it. Nonetheless, if you fail to submit the request next week, as agreed, I will submit it myself.’

Meanwhile, MP Khalil Saleh disclosed that grilling is a constitutional right guaranteed for each lawmaker. He also said all citizens have noticed and complained about the phenomenon of gravel on asphalt, which raises doubts over tenders floated in the absence of surveillance. He confirmed discussing the issue with the minister, and the latter assuring an investigation committee has been formed to identify the reasons behind the phenomenon, noting the committee will complete its task in few days. He added the issue is rather technical, which necessitates reviewing the mechanism of approving contracts.

Regarding the prime minister having constitutional right to select his cabinet ministers, Al-Saleh said the lawmakers had previously advised the premier to select efficient ministers who are not afraid of ascending the grilling podium. Also, parliamentary sources have said the government does not mind approving legislation for financial and administrative independence of the judiciary, and will require endorsing simple modifications in the meetings of the Legislative Committee to pass electronic transactions law. With regards to popular laws and the proposed KD 75 allowance for children and raising rent compensation to KD 250, sources affirmed that government refuses such proposals because they strain the general budget.

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