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Faithfuls in Abu Bakar Al-Sadeeq Mosque in Jahra raising the hands in appreciation of HH the Amir to his efforts towards the relief of the Syrian people
‘Violations specified in Audit reports shocking’ ‘Need to implement decisions’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: Head of Parliamentary Budgets and Concluding Statement Committee MP Adnan Abdulsamad announced that a memo is being prepared, which includes the ideas that were expressed during the meeting that the committee recently held with HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak, Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim and Chairman of State Audit Bureau Abdulaziz Al-Adsani, reports Al-Rai daily. He stressed the need for documenting all ideas and proposals presented during the meeting in a memo, which will include the problems and the solutions and will be referred to the Prime Minister. MP Abdulsamad said they have urged the government through the memo to issue some decisions over certain issues, stressing that these issues require the approval of some legislations including the need to activate the surveillance role of the State Audit Bureau on trials.

He indicated that the meeting was good but what is important is to implement the decisions made during the meeting, as the ministers have not attended the meetings of the committee so far even though the Prime Minister asked them to do so. He added that some ministers apologized for failing to attend the meeting while others did not do so. He further indicated that the officials of the ministries particularly the financial officials were shocked to know about the number of violations specified in the reports of the State Audit Bureau. MP Abdulsamad revealed that the committee is currently preparing a memo regarding the compensations of about KD 800 million that a company demanded from the General Customs Administration.

He said the memo will be referred to the government after it is completed, adding that he fears the issue will result in the same way as the Dow Chemical case. He said he wondered how the company can ask for compensations while it is receiving revenues for managing the support services even though it did not pay the government’s dues. He stressed that the company is deliberately not paying part of the dues due to a letter issued by one of the Customs employees, clarifying the difficulty the committee is having in identifying the official responsible for the violations due to lack of specific job designation. He said he considers Kuwait Airways Corporation as an example of the governmental disorder in the decision- making process, explaining that the Minister of Communications recruited the Chairman of KAC’s board while the Public Authority for Investment affiliated to the Ministry of Finance will decide the budget and the concluding statement. He asked, “Why do we wonder whether to privatize KAC or now? The law supports the privatization of KAC so we only need to know the government’s attitude in this regard”.

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