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‘Over 1,000 commercial licenses found forged’ Dept head calls for urgent probe

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 16: Altaf Al-Askar, Head of Licenses and Commercial Service at Capital branch of the Ministry of Commerce said she uncovered over 1,000 forged licenses during auditing and most of them had been issued in 2012 and 2013, adding employees in the ministry renewed many of these licenses, reports Annahar daily. Al-Askar considered the act as direct violation of law and public funds and noted the nature of her work requires signing on all transactions conducted by employees and that’s why she uncovered a large number of forged transactions during auditing.

Meanwhile, Al-Askar is surprised over a verbal decision to shift her to another area and without paying attention to legal procedures adopted on the issue, although her colleagues testify she is honest and reliable to shoulder her current responsibility. She called for the Deputy Premier, Minister of Commerce Abdulmohsen Al-Mudej to intervene and decide the case. She noted some officials in the ministry tried to hide the issue of forged licenses by dealing with the matter like a trivial issue and disregarding the interests of work and career honesty. She wondered why the ministry refused to investigate the issue, and declined to disclose circumstances of the case.

In the same context, Assistant Undersecretary of Companies Affairs and Commercial Licenses at Ministry of Commerce Dawoud Al-Sabij issued a statement refuting that more than 100,000 commercial licenses have been forged, reports Al-Seyassah daily. He added the ministry earlier referred a number of company licenses for investigation, as part of the legal procedures. He declared the sector is ready to receive all types of complaints related to the case, in order to deal with the slipup in line with law.

He denied statement issued by the Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs Jamal Al-Dousari which said the Ministry of Commerce had referred over 1,000 forged commercial licenses to the Public Prosecution. “I hope the media will provide the ministry with relevant information or documents related to the issue”, he reiterated. In a recent statement, Al-Dousari said the Ministry of Commerce had notified Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor about the files of over 1,000 forged licenses referred to the Public Prosecution, and that 40,000 visas and residences were issued through these forged licenses.

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