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Company being nasty with Resignation

I have been working in a private sector firm in Kuwait for the last 10 years with the same sponsor but now I have got a good offer from another company.

I have already resigned and the firm a 3-month notice. I sent my seniors the hard copy of my resignation letter but they have not sent me any soft copy of my resignation letter or even acknowledged that they have received my resignation latter. I want transfer … is that possible?

The HR department of my company does not like to give me a release and they also threatened me … my friends told me to go to shoun (Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor). Can I file a case before I complete the 3- month notice period resignation?

Name withheld
If you feel that the company is being nasty to the extent that it is not even acknowledging your resignation and could also cause you problems later you should immediately file a complaint with the Labor Office in your area. Please give the Labor Office a copy of your resignation and let them acknowledge its receipt. In this way, if there are problems later the Labor Office can tackle them. And lastly, if the company refuses to give you a release after you have served 10 years with them, just go to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (through the Labor Office in your area).

The Ministry will sanction the transfer because even if you are hired from abroad, you need to stay a maximum of three years with the firm before you can request a transfer. If you did a local transfer while joining this firm, you can request a transfer after one year of service. In both cases, you can’t be denied a release as long as you have completed the required time with the company as we have mentioned above.


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