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‘Take precautionary steps to prevent outbreak of epidemic’ Municipal Council member warns of new wave of spoilt food items

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: Municipal Council member Dr Hassan Kamal has urged the authority to take all possible precautionary steps to prevent epidemic in the country, adding the government must suspend the import of products that do not satisfy food safety conditions until they are confirmed suitable for consumption, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Dr Kamal expressed this opinion based on caution contained in the joint study carried out by Swiss-based Freburg University and the University of Neuchatel concerning widespread of new types of harmful Asian insects and fungi in Europe due to climate change and international commercial activities.

He stressed that human health is more important than accumulation of wealth by business moguls. He warned that the country should not experience an epidemic and new wave of spoilt food items because the people have had enough cases of food items unsuitable for consumption, while some cases are pending in courts. He urged the Imported Food Department at Kuwait Municipality to double efforts in preventing the importation of bad agricultural products into the country. He added, “The department can go to the extent of sending experts to examine agricultural products abroad before importation.”

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