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Refer officials in DOW row to Prosecution: MP Call for special Assembly session

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: Secretary of Parliament MP Yaqoub Al-Sane’ was recently quoted as saying the issue of Dow Chemical is his top priority, reports Al-Rai daily. He added he has submitted a request to hold a special session to discuss the circumstances which led to paying huge sums of money in fine to the Dow case. He added, he believes the Minister of Oil, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Al-Omair will refer the officials who are involved in the Dow case to the Public Prosecution with due respect to his new responsibilities as minister without waiting for a report from the Investigation Committee of the National Assembly.

He added he had asked for holding a session during the tenure of the former Parliament not to know the consequences of the case but to know why the government paid the fine although contrary to a verdict issued by the Fatwa and Legislation Department. He went on to say the Minister of Oil will disclose the names of the people involved in the case. When asked why he has demanded holding a special session, Al-Sane’ said he wants to know what policy has been adopted by the government because it had formed a committee comprising five ministers and agreed to pay the fine at a time when other committees were formed to study the same issue and yet their opinion was ignored. Office of the National Assembly decided on Sunday to form a working team to follow up on the development of the new building and Information Center of the parliament members.

Al-Sane said in a statement that the Parliament Office, which held a meeting today under the chairmanship of National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim in the presence of members of the Office, took a decision on the principle of transparency in relation to recruitment requests at the Secretariat of the National Assembly, adding that the results of the applicants will be placed on the website of the National Assembly and on the internal bulletin board. He explained that the Office discussed the latest preparations of the Secretariat to host the 20th Arab Parliamentary Union (APU) between Jan 18-20 and decided to form the missions of honor accompanying the heads of parliamentary delegations. In another development, Chairman of the parliamentary Budget and Final Accounts Committee Adnan AbdulSamad said they discussed the final account and budget of the Health Ministry for fiscal 2012/2013, as well as the comments of the State Audit Bureau in this regard, reports Al-Wasat daily. AbdulSamad disclosed the bureau presented its observations on agreements between the ministry and some international hospitals, particularly the failure to make the amendments that the Fatwa and Legislative Department required on the contracts signed with these hospitals; including the training program for medical staff in a bid to enhance the skills of Kuwaiti doctors. According to the chairman, the panel has stressed the need to receive the medical insurance revenues — estimated at millions of Kuwaiti dinars, follow up all the cases filed by the ministry on the issue, and to update the Audit Bureau on the procedures taken in this regard.

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