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Sisi ... proceed to deliverance

EGYPT is waiting for a caller to announce the new dawn to dispel its woes.  It is being called to conduct a constitutional referendum that will force its way to the future, without the sounds of crows over its skies; waiting for the one who vowed to be in its service in order not to disappoint the views of millions. Yesterday, the Egyptians placed their bet on the military and they won.  Today, they pinned their hopes again on the military chief who always stands by their side; so he could navigate the country to safe land.  This is exactly what happened on June 30 last year when he rescued them by standing up to face the small tyrant who was surrounded by a bigger one; staying at the terrorist guidance office while ridiculing the Egyptians, the Arabs and the world.

Egypt is now looking at Abdulfattah Al-Sisi who responded when we interviewed him about nominating himself for presidency, ‘’Every event has its time’’.  Now, Egypt is saying, “It is time for you to speak.’’ In the interview, we did not feel hesitation in his tone.  In fact, it was a well-informed tone about the level of challenges that will befall whoever takes up the toughest job in this sensitive period, in which there is no place for risks or division.  The national unity has been ‘baptized’ with blood and the lieutenant general does not want to transform it into division that will take away its fortune.

Throughout the last months, the Commander-in-Chief of Egypt’s Armed Forces fully prepared himself for the restoration of order.  He remained committed to his military oath to defend his country, putting the interest of the nation first in all his endeavors.  This is why the Arabs said in the past, ‘’Hard work pays off’.”  Al-Sisi deserves the pay off for being the obedient child of his people and the defending soldier of his people; but this time, it is in the trench of the country’s presidency.  He wants to meet the expectations and to realize the wishes of tens of millions who pinned their hopes on the military, and especially on him.

On the eve of the referendum, several options appeared.  Egypt is eager to get out of the terrorist pinwheel of the ‘Brotherhood’ and to fix whatever the group had destroyed.  It is eager to recover from the enormous pain caused by the Brotherhood.  If not for Allah and the revolution of its people through the help of the military, the Brotherhood would have wreaked havoc in Egypt.  The group would have extended its destructive acts to the Arab and Muslim worlds. Today, the land of the Canaanites needs a doctor who will not only    lessen its pain, but also cure the root causes of diseases; in addition to supervising the recuperation period so it emerges completely healed. This is what the Egyptians are telling their minister of defense, asking him to fulfill his national duty.

General Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, who said he will not run for the presidency of the Republic of Egypt unless demanded by the people and authorized by the military, is being called upon by his people even before the Arab and Muslim countries, especially the Gulf nations, to nominate himself for presidency in order to rescue the biggest nation in the Arab world and to restore stability, which the Arab world will depend on. Perhaps, it is clear who will be the next president of Egypt.  Therefore, it is up to the Egyptians, headed by General Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, to start building the nation; not only to fix what was destroyed by the Brotherhood.  They have to execute development programs, which were halted due to the dominance of the destructive group in Egypt for the past three years.

The implementation of these development programs may start through the amendment of laws and provision of investment guarantees in Egypt.  The country needs investors’ confidence, more than its need for aid.  From there, people will start pouring money into Egypt, especially if there are laws which respect international agreements and settle their worries. Today, Egypt is opening its arms for Al-Sisi to return what the ‘Brotherhood’ violently stole within a period of time.  The Egyptians have placed their bet on the general to be their president and leader.  They will then say repeatedly behind their new caller: “Proceed to deliverance’’.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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