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Dependent visas for Children from previous relationship

I’m an American married to a Kuwaiti for 5 years with Kuwaiti children, I also have 2 children from a previous relationship who have been with me since we moved here in 2004 and I’ve been their sponsor. Currently I’m on a visa 22 on my husband’s sponsorship because I stopped working.

Last week my children’s residencies expired and I’ve been told I can’t sponsor them while being sponsored by my husband.

My husband will have to sponsor them which will cost 200 KD per child per year, is this true? I usually sponsor them for the initial fee of 100 KD each and around 30 KD per year afterwards.

I feel like I’m being penalized because I don’t have a job and under his sponsorship … I am solely responsible for paying their fees along with the private school fees. Is there anything different I can do considering my unique circumstances? Why are the fees doubled?

Name withheld
: Yes, it is true. If you get dependent visas for any person other than your wife and children, you have to pay KD 200 per person per year.

Your husband can’t also adopt your children because such adoption is not allowed in Kuwait. The only other two things that you can do — and that will only be a stopgap arrangement — is (1) get them temporary residence under Article 14, but this will be for a maximum for three months and (2) request the Immigration Department to give your residence until the end of their current school year so that their studies are not disrupted.

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