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‘Celebrating Prophet’s birthday permissible’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 11: The scientific researcher of the Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence (Al-Mousu’ah Al-Fiqhiyah) Abdullah Najib Salem says the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is a joyful event that Muslims should celebrate with fanfare and delight, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The Islamic scholar indicated that since it is permissible for Muslims to celebrate birth of a new baby, it is reasonable to celebrate birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) across the globe.

He emphasized that Maoulid Al-Nabi has been celebrated by all Muslims in the West and East during the ancient and contemporary worlds. He explained that the tradition of celebrating Maoulid Al- Nabi is synonymous with two major activities, which is reading about the birth of the prophet with associated great symbols because birth of the prophets is significantly different from other human beings. He cited histories of other prophets like Adam and Essa (Peace be upon them), which Quran described as wonders, stressing that their births and corresponding histories are full of lessons, praises, love and peaceful co-existence.

Regarding those who argue that the prophet never celebrated his birth and that Muslims must refrain from celebrating it, Salem stressed that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) never warned against such a celebration, adding that celebrating his birth cannot be out of place since the Holy Quran discusses his birth.

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