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MoH team to treat fetal deformities Ministry to host team of specialists in emergency cases

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: The Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Ministry of Health and Professor at the Kuwait University Dr Waleed Al-Jassar announced the formation of a Kuwaiti medical team specialized in treating fetal deformities, indicating that this is an achievement for the Kuwaiti doctors particularly obstetricians and gynecologists, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. He said the Kuwaiti medical team will diagnose fetal deformities and perform surgery on the fetus while it is inside the womb, adding they will treat urinary bladder blockage in male fetus and carry out blood transfusion for the fetus in case the mother suffers from damages to blood cells.

Regarding the surgery inside the womb, Dr Al-Jassar explained that an open surgery on the fetus is carried out by making a slit on the abdomen of the mother similar to one made for a caesarian section surgery. The fetus is then partly removed from the womb in order for the doctors to reach the intended area of the fetus and operate.

After completing the surgery, the fetus is placed back into the womb, which is then closed. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health will host a team of specialists in emergency cases and injuries from McGill University, which is based in Canada, on Jan 19, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting Director General of Ahmadi Health District Dr Fahad Al-Fodari. Al-Fodari disclosed the team will visit the Emergency Sector in Adan Hospital to look into different kinds of injuries and road accidents, as well as the labor policy applied in the sector. They will also conduct lectures and workshops for doctors and other medical staff. Meanwhile, Assistant Undersecretary for Civil Affairs Dr Mohammad Al-Khashti confirmed the allocation of KD 2.2 million budget for the medical conferences this year. In his capacity as chairperson of the committee tasked to make the necessary arrangements for these conferences, Al-Khashti said the committee will meet next week with some officials to discuss the budget and to choose the dates to hold the conferences.

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