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PM gives three months to Cabinet to executive work plans Ministers urged to use their authority and implement law firmly

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Al-Mubarak met the new cabinet in his office and gave the members three months to execute and follow-up the work plans of their respective ministries. He said “there is no shame in someone should excusing himself from working for the government when they find themselves unable to execute the duties they have been assigned to, especially, due to reasons that are out of their hands”.

Sources indicated HH the Prime Minister has urged the ministers to open the door of cooperation with the parliament, while promoting accountability without hesitation or fear of the constitutional oversight tools. He called on the ministers to use their authority and implement law effectively on everyone and tighten the path of corruption and corrupt people by fighting against public funds squandering and referring violators to the Public Prosecution. According to sources, the PM pointed to former ministers who have been included in the new cabinet formation - Minister of Health, Minister of Education and Minister of Trade - and said he can bear acute criticisms for selecting them.

He reminded the ministers they are under the ‘microscope’ of the public, and should work toward accomplishments in a manner that will reflect positively on the choices he made, as he addressed the Minister of Housing Affairs Yasser Abol to expose anybody or official hindering the housing projects and work hard to complete the plans that have been set and sanctioned. Meanwhile, Housing Affairs Minister Yasser Abol held a joint meeting with representatives from the Kuwait Municipality and the Ministries of Oil and Defense to discuss and identify areas that could be surrendered for the benefit of Public Authority of Housing Welfare (PAHW), indicating the authority had allotted several sites to be utilized for housing projects. He affirmed a meeting with the leadership of the Trust Bank (formerly known as Bank of Credit and Savings) will take place next week to discuss “Amal project” and the legal controversies surrounding the project, in order to take necessary legal steps and respond to parliamentary questions regarding the project.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education and Higher Education will meet officials from the Higher Education sector, Kuwait University and Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) to look into the scholarships and admission plans, wherein the registration system for high school graduates for the current academic year will be agreed upon to avoid another admission crisis. Sources from the Higher Education sector mentioned the minister intends to revive an old project in constructing a new university, which he proposed in 2011 before the resignation of the then government. He also plans to rectify mistakes and violations having to do with the legal regulations hindering the progress of Jaber University, which the first annulled parliament had endorsed. Elsewhere, the Minister of Oil Dr Ali Al-Omair requested his ministry officials to provide reports about the oil projects and procedures taken before floating them, in addition to reports about ongoing projects, and controversies surrounding their execution.

By: Salim Al-Wawan Al-Seyassah

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