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Person threatening to kill

I want to get your help to know about the Kuwait law regarding a person wanting to hit you and saying that he wants to kill you. I am new in Kuwait and working hard to settle down. I am also not aware of Kuwait laws on such harassing and violent behavior of people. Please could you let me know if I want to file a report with the police what steps should I take because I am afraid of the action this person can take because he made the threat to me in the presence of another person.

Name withheld
: Kuwait police takes such threats very seriously and if you have a witness just walk into any police station in your area and file a report. All you need is your Civil ID card and the detailed address of the person of the person who threatened you. The person who accompanies you to the police station must also carry his Civil ID card. That’s all you need to do. The rest will be done by the police

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