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Foul play seen - ‘Probe suicide’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: Kuwait Society for Human Rights has raised doubts about a recent incident that was published in a number of local dailies regarding the suicide of a Central Prison inmate inside the toilet. It stressed that the incident is strange and suspicious, as the victim was not serving a long jail term that could have led him to commit suicide.

According to a press release, the society urged the concerned authority to carry out thorough investigations regarding the incident, indicating that it regarded the incident as strange to a society where people enjoy freedom and democracy. It suspected that the inmate could have faced maltreatment or suffered from moral and psychological trauma while serving the sentence, which led him to commit such an act in a secluded area within the prison.

The society insisted that since the Kuwaiti Constitution guarantees human rights, the government must identify those involved in the incident. It stressed that all concerned civil society organizations must collaborate to uncover the truth, motive and secrets behind this strange incident.

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