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Municipality destroys tons of foodstuff not fit for human use

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9, (Agencies): The Capital Governorate branch of the Kuwait Municipality has destroyed four tons of foodstuffs found unfit for human consumption, says the director of the branch Engineer Faleh Al-Shimmari. He went on to say the food destroyed by the Municipal inspectors included a variety of pickles, cooking oil, sweets, honey, chili powder etc, due to the validity of the product. He added, the Municipality inspectors issued citations for three categories - failure to renew the commercial licence, lack of specific requirements to preserve the foodstuffs and failure to comply with the rules of hygiene. Al-Shimmari went on to say the Municipality inspectors will intensify their campaigns at all food outlets to ensure health requirements are taken into consideration by all food traders - for food either displayed for sale or stored.

He also said the inspectors check on the licences of the shops, cleanliness of the food stores and make sure workers carry health certificates to ensure they are free from infectious diseases. For his part, Hamad Al Husseini, head of Al-Rai Central Market of the Kuwait Municipality has called upon citizens and residents to check the dates of production and shelf life of foodstuffs before buying them. He said consumers having any complaints regarding foodstuffs should call the Municipality hotline 139. This is in line with the laws and regulations of the Municipality.

The Director of Imported Foodstuffs Department Engineer Istiqlal Al-Muslim at the Kuwait Municipality said the department is about to register all data related to imported foodstuffs in preparation for registration through the automated software and other inspection procedures on imported foodstuffs at border points of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. She stressed on the need for the existing companies to import food by referring to the Department of Imported foodstuffs in Sulaibikhat area to register related data of imported food which appears in the automated system for the benefit of each individual company as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Ahmadi Governorate branch of the Kuwait Municipality has destroyed 637 kilos of rice, sugar and lentils mixed citing impurity of the products, reports Al-Qabas daily. This is in addition to other food products whose validity had expired. The products were found during an inspection campaign organized by the Municipality inspectors.

The sites inspected included markets and food supply branches affiliated to the Ahmadi Cooperative Society. During the inspection, the inspectors have also issued four citations for various reasons. The head of the Food and Market Department Hawya Al-Ajmi spoke of the level of negligence seen in the area of food storage. She went on to say dirt and cigarette butts were found in the areas where the foodstuffs were stored.

The confiscated food supplies were immediately destroyed and necessary legal measures were taken to protect the welfare of the consumers. Al-Ajmi indicated the inspection campaigns will continue in various aspects related to foodstuff. She added, those working in food areas should make sure they possess health certificate to prove they are free from contagious diseases. This is in public interest, she said.

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