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Recent rainfall brings to light graft in construction of roads Tweeters blame contractors for doing bad job

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: A positive result of the recent rainfall experienced in Kuwait was that it exposed the corruption that took place in the construction of the roads. The asphalt used for the road construction became rockets that flew from under the tires of moving cars to those around, breaking windscreens, and causing traffic blocks and even accidents

. Many people campaigned on Twitter social networking website where they analyzed the incidents, reasons and the negative implications of the problem on the road users. They criticized the contractors for doing a bad job on the construction of the roads while many of them suggested stoning the contractors in public places with the same stones that came loose from the roads due to the rain.

The blogger Essa Al-Mutairi tweeted, “The rain exposed the hidden secret of the roads, as the asphalt that was used in its construction loosened under the rain and flew to the moving vehicles”. According to another Twitter user Mahrah, the rainfall stormed Kuwait like the way aggressors invaded the country. “The invaders broke the hearts of citizens while the rainfall broke windscreens”, posted Mahrah.

The blogger Fahad Ismail expressed surprise that his car did not receive its share of stoning, indicating that many people were upset when the pelting damaged their new cars. Another blogger Abdullah Al- Hethal blamed the Ministry of Public Works for this problem, as it had approved the type of asphalt that was used for constructing the roads. He declared that the rain exposed the use of low quality asphalt with the knowledge of the ministry officials.

By: Khalid Al-Hattab Al-Seyassah Staff

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