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Sahar Al Therban (2nd right), pose with students
ABK sponsors KU’s Engineering project

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait was proud to attend Kuwait University’s College of Engineering and Petroleum exhibition held in Crown Plaza Hotel. The Bank sponsored the department’s Hi-Way Graduation Project.” Sahar Al Therban, PR Manager at ABK stated, “We are delighted with the outcome of this innovative project’s sponsorship, and today, our presence here is primarily to support these hardworking students, even as we imbibe great ideas from their project design and visual presentation.” 

Al Therban continued explaining, “At ABK we believe in today’s youth, in its inherent ability to create and innovate, and we are honored to encourage students to translate their ideas into actual resource conservation plans that could well impact Kuwait’s future.” Al Therban concluded, “We wish them all the very best, much success in their graduation and in the careers that they undertake in the future.”The students thanked ABK’s team for their presence and generosity which gave fruition to their project.

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