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Fatwa member reminds of ‘Masroor Al-Sayyaf’

‘MASROOR AL-SAYYAF’ is a traditional historic personality whose name is mentioned in the ‘One thousand and one nights’ stories. The name literally means ‘a happy executioner’. He worked during the time of one of the Muslim caliphates happy to execute those who had fallen out of favor of the caliphate. Each time someone pleased the caliphate he gave them one hundred thousand dirham from the finance house belonging to the Muslims and when someone displeased him, an execution order was issued and Masroor Al-Sayyaf was happy to use the guillotine. Once such verdicts were issued they were not referred to the judiciary, there was no appeal and no defense team.

Recently one of the Kuwaiti fundamentalists issued a statement which annoyed several members of his group in spite of the fact that such statements are part of the Islamic tradition. In short, the statement indicated that, ‘being obedient to a powerful ruler who controls everything is a legal obligation’. The fundamentalist was apparently referring to Egypt’s Minister of Defense Abdulfattah Al-Sisi. To be obedient to a strong ruler even if he came to power riding on the back of a military tank and even if he was publicly known to have committed crimes is one of the several statements which have been mentioned in many Islamic books of jurisprudence to justify the dictatorship of the caliphates in Muslim countries. This statement has caused uproar in the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Kuwait because any likelihood of their icon Mohammed Morsi of returning to power has virtually diminished.

One of the persons who is annoyed by that statement — of being obedient to Sisi — is one member of the Muslim Brotherhood group and lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Sharia at the Kuwait University. He is also head of the Muslim Scholars Association in the GCC countries and a member of the Fatwa Committee in our Awqaf (Salafist and Brotherhood) Ministry. The member of Fatwa Committee said: Sisi is a tyrant whose head needs to be chopped off! (Jan 5, 2014, the Al-Watan Arabic daily). This statement which calls for killing a high ranking official of one of our friendly countries is incitement to murder and lacks sagacity, something that has legal, political and diplomatic implications and an outrageous interference in the internal affairs of a friendly country.

Those who remind us about stories of Muslim caliphates and ‘the happy executioner’, are those who disregard the opinion of millions of Egyptians about Sisi - the person who has issued a fatwa to chop off his head. Our colleague Aminah Kheiri wrote in the Al-Hayat daily (Jan 6, 2014) that ‘Sisi is not just the defense minister who rescued Egypt from the clutches of the guidance council; or snatched power from the hands of the ‘Brotherhood’, or someone who has the approval of millions of Egyptians and someone who has angered the members of the Brotherhood group, is in fact, the secret password for Egypt’s bright future. Kheiri continued, ‘Sisi was the last person who they can imagine will buy their allegiance to reflect their submission and obedience or donate money from their funds to make placards in his praise expressing their appreciation and gratification.

“It is the last thing they could plan to organize campaigns and form movements to support his nomination or counter their ambitions, but instead, to call upon him to be their president. Not to nominate anyone was the last thing in their mind but they will decide to force him to nominate himself, and if he refuses, they will hate him’. We tell the Awqaf mufti that the opinion of hundreds of Egyptians about the person who rescued them from the nightmare of the Muslim Brotherhood and his like to keep such opinions about Egypt for themselves because when Egypt becomes strong the Arab world becomes strong and when it weakens the Arab world follows suit.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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