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‘Almost 17,000 Kuwaitis trained in private sector’ Banking, telecom, industrial courses taken

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8, (KUNA): Secretary General of the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) Fawzi Al-Majdali that the number of Kuwaiti employees at private companies and institutions included in the training programs amounted to 16,885 employees since 2003. Al-Majdali told reporters on the occasion of the annual meeting with officials of the human resources in the private sector companies, which included the announcement of the training plan (2014/2015 ) that the number of training programs amounted to 1,044 which included new and experienced Kuwaiti staff.

He added that last year alone saw training of 4,000 new employees and experienced staff of the national labor force, noting that the training programs included the banking staff and the industrial and investment sectors as well as telecommunications and insurance. He explained that the program seeks to train the national employment through the government’s contribution to the cost of the training of national force operating in the non-state institutions, and by no more than 75 percent of that cost.

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