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Govt sacks 2,233 Expats medically ‘unfit’ employees in 2013 GCC countries start automated system to prevent Expats migrating with infectious diseases

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: The government terminated the services of 2,233 expatriate employees and sent them back to their countries in 2013 as they were found to be medically unfit, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs in the Ministry of Health Dr Qais Al-Duwaeri.

Al-Duwaeri explained the government did not renew the visas of those employees because 171 of them tested positive for AIDS, 495 (265 male and 230 female) have hepatitis C, 670 (438 male and 238 female) have hepatitis B, 35 (30 male and 5 female) suffered from malaria, and 862 (424 male and 438 female) have tuberculosis.

He asserted the government is serious in its bid to protect the health of citizens and expatriates. He said the GCC countries have started the implementation of the automated system for the medical tests of expatriate employees to prevent the migration of those suffering from infectious diseases from one country to another.

He added the ministry and its interior counterpart have coordinated their efforts to guarantee the successful implementation of the system in order to protect public health.



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