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Commercial Visa transfer and validity

After a lot of browsing, I feel that the Arab Times is the only paper that has a Legal Clinic. I often come to your website and see some interesting information on the Kuwaiti law. This time I have the following couple of questions for which I need your answers:

1) Is the conversion from commercial visa to work permit legal as per the law in Kuwait? If it is legal, can you please share some link to an article or share any document where this process is explicitly mentioned.

2) What is the normal validity of a commercial visa? I know it is supposed to be 30 days from the day of entry, but surprisingly my HR now tells me that’s now how the dates work.

According to him if someone enters on 1st November then the commercial visa is valid till 1st December. Now lets say he enters on 1st February, is the commercial visa valid till 1st March. I find that very ridiculous, but can you please shed some light on this issue.

Name withheld
Please remember that the commercial visit visas of only the following can be transferred to work permits: expatriates with high qualifications, experts, consultants and university degree holders. And yes, the transfer of the commercial visit visa to work permit is legal but only for the categories specified above.

The above decision was taken on June 19, 2013 by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor. Secondly, when the visa is valid for 30 days, the counting of the days begin on the same day and not after that.

So if you are entering the country on April 1, it is valid until April 30 and not May 1 as your HR department says. And lastly, depending on the firm, the commercial visit visa can be extended for 30 days at a time but the total extension can be for a maximum of 60 days but the maximum stay with the original visas and the extensions can be only 90 days.

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