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Why disparity in perks? ‘Discrimination rife in govt sector’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: The Head of the Workers Union at the Ministry of Information Dr Yasin Al-Farsi accused the government of double standards in dealing with Kuwaiti employees of the public sector, which is evident from the disparity in salaries and monetary benefits, reports Al- Jaridah daily. Dr Al-Farsi disclosed that Kuwaiti employees in military establishments, oil sectors and other such agencies receive higher salaries and benefits compared to their counterparts with similar academic achievements in other ministries and agencies, adding that the government did not provide convincing justifications in this regard and continued to create opportunities for elites in certain ministries and agencies.

He specifically cited disparity in monetary benefits granted to retired military officers and oil workers that the retired employees from other government ministries and agencies did not receive, rejecting the government’s decision, which he regards as violation of the Constitution that stipulates equality among citizens. Dr Al-Farsi declared that the government’s policy in this regard has created classification of citizens even though they hold equal academic certificates, adding that many of the deprived citizens are more qualified technically and intellectually than their favored compatriots. He indicated that several fresh Kuwaiti graduates feel dejected knowing that their chances of working in the military and oil sectors, which are very lucrative, is slim and almost impossible due to discrimination.

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