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Rental dispute - Paying rent in the court

I have a rental dispute with my building owner.Four months ago, the building haris (caretaker/watchman) came and took my original rental contract, saying the building owner had changed and a new contract would be given without any change in rent … within 1-2 days.

In spite of this commitment, the haris or the owner did not give me the new contract and even the receipt for the rent payment for the next month.

Then, from next month onwards, I paid the rent in court for other two months. Now the building owner has given me a notice to vacate the flat after three months (01/03/2014) and no rent to be paid.

I went to court again and showed them the notice. The court officials said there was no problem in this regard and after three months I can deposit the key in the court.

Kindly advise me on the following:-

1. Is this notice is valid? The court officials also didn’t stamp the notice and there is no evidence that I presented this notice to court.

2. Since I was paying the rent in court, will there be any problem afterwards, as I will not be paying the rent for next three months as per this notice. Can the building owner take any action against me in future.

Name withheld
You don’t need to worry about anything as such notices are common whenever the landlord requires his flat to be vacated.

They also give a few months, without rent, to the tenant although they are not required to do so by the law. So, you can easily go to the Rents Court and deposit both the key of the flat and the notice. The landlord can’t take any action against you as you are going through the courts.

But please make sure that you retain the notice and don’t give it back to the landlord even if he asks for it. Even when you deposit the original notice at the court, keep a copy of the same with you as proof just in case it is required in the future.

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