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Shrimps to hit KD 5 - Demand up

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: The price of shrimps has been competing with the 24-carat price of “Al-Hamour” fish and will most likely break the KD 5 per kilogram bar, considering the large size local shrimps are worth KD 4.5 per kilogram, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to shrimp sellers, the current price of shrimps is one dinar high than the price two weeks ago, and medium size now costs KD3.5, while the small size is sold for KD 2.5 per kilogram.

Reasons for the hike in prices of shrimps could be ‘the end of season’ factor, coupled with high demands by citizens and expatriates that exceed supplies in the market. Shrimp buyers spend KD 90 — KD 110 to buy a basket of shrimp depending on the ability of buyers to negotiate, adding the prices of shrimps are not stable right now and may shoot up to about KD 5.5 per kilogram before the end of the week. Meanwhile, a large size Kuwaiti “Zubaidi” fish has reached KD 14 per kilogram, about KD 3 higher than the price of similar fish brought from Saudi Arabia and Iran that stand at KD10 — KD 12 per kilogram.

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