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Govt said to reject hike in children ‘allowance’ MP submits bill to elect mayors

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: MP Humoud Al- Hamdan, member of the Finance Affairs Committee disclosed that Government has officially notified the committee on the rejection of the proposed increase of children allowance to KD 75 and raising housing loan to KD 100,000. He added a memo, with justifications and reasons for the dismissal, was presented to the committee, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

A parliamentary source said Government perceives the previous 25 percent increase in social allowance as satisfactory- in view of KD 50-KD 330 allowances that were approved in April 2012 based on academic level. He indicated the proposed increase of children allowance will cost nearly KD 880 million in the first year of implementation. For his part, MP Rakan Al- Nisf said any step to approve increments will lead to inflation, and cause more harm than benefits. He added the talk about financial increment is considered as ‘means of escape’ from the problems the citizens are facing, indicating the rent and cost of building materials will shoot up if rent allowance or housing loan is increased. In another development, MP Kamel Al-Awadhi has submitted a proposal to modify Law 40/1966 in order to allow the electing of mayors, reports Al- Qabas daily.

He said his proposal is based on the importance of the effective role played by mayors in serving the regions and people, adding that the proposal is intended for the public good of the region. He stipulated that the mayor must be a resident of the region, adding that he must know the people of the region in order to understand their problems and solve them with the collaboration of the concerned authorities. MP Al-Awadhi insisted that the process of electing the mayor will be based on the importance of the role rather than politics, as the role is aimed to only serve people. He indicated that this process will create positive competitiveness among the candidates to improve their areas and become more active in being an effective tool for helping the Municipal Council and the governor.

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