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Doctor gets 3 years jail, KD 20,000 fine Briton absolved in fraud case

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: Lawyer Meshari Al- Eyadah disclosed the Misdemeanor Court has sentenced a doctor to two years and fined him KD 20,000 over a liposuction surgery conducted on a Kuwaiti man that led to permanent disability of the patient. Moreover, the Court of Cassation dismissed the verdict of Appeals Court that convicted a Qatari national accused of running over a Kuwaiti with his car. The court has set Feb 2 for the next hearing.

Briton absolved in fraud case: The Misdemeanor Section in the Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge AbdulRahman Al-Darmi, revoked the ruling of a lower court that had earlier sentenced a Briton to one year in jail with hard labor, to be followed by deportation for swindling an Italian. Case files indicate the Briton and another person were accused of swindling an Italian by offering him a second- hand luxury car - Ferrari Maranello 575.

They asked the plaintiff to visit their website where the latter agreed to buy the Ferrari for KD 17,000. The plaintiff fulfilled his side of the bargain by paying through bank transfer and the accused promised to ship the car to him as soon as they finished fixing it. According to the plaintiff, the accused delayed the delivery of the car and then they approached him again offering another car. He then paid additional KD 12,500 for the other car but he ended up waiting for the accused to deliver it. He was surprised when he saw the first car that he bought posted for sale on another site.

After some inquiries, he decided to file a case against the sellers. Lawyer for the accused, Attorney AbdulMuhsin Al-Qattan, argued in court that the plaintiff fabricated the case. He said the way the plaintiff described the incident was not enough to convince the court about its truthfulness. He added the court does not interfere in individual relations and transactions unless it sees the need to protect the welfare of the society. Al-Qattan asserted, ‘’It is unacceptable for the court to side with someone who believes in whatever he is told. Everyone has brains and reason for them to determine the authenticity of issues brought forth before taking decisions.”


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