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Kuwaiti tourists spent KD 1.2 bln in 2013: report ‘72 pc of Kuwaitis travel for entertainment, 26 pc for business and meetings’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: Studies conducted by the Canadian company (S.M) indicate Kuwaitis spent roughly $4.6 billion on tourism in 2013, equivalent to 1.2 billion dinars. The study revealed the expenditure does not include trips to Saudi Arabia, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Report quoted the average expenditure of a Kuwaiti tourist as $3,000 per day, distributed in flight tickets, hotel reservations, entertainment, and miscellaneous. It added approximately 54 percent of the expenditure of Kuwaiti tourists is taken by air tickets, while hotel reservations constitute 18 percent, 8.5 percent for food, 4 percent for public transportation, 5.3 percent for car rental and 4 percent for entertainment.

About 3.2 percent of the overall expenditure covers communication and 2.5 percent for additional travel necessities. Report stressed that 72 percent of the Kuwaiti tourists travel for entertainment, whereas 26 percent travel for business and meetings.

Meanwhile, an average of 6-8 members of a Kuwaiti family, accompanied by housemaids, travel and spend 21-42 nights in the months of July and August, and stay for 6-10 nights during Eid holidays, while on national celebrations, the trips last 4-7 days. The report pointed out that Dubai, which is the favorite destination for most Kuwaiti tourists, constitute 31 percent of the entire tours. London comes second, and then France, followed by Turkey that dropped from third position, probably because of the recent political unrest.

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