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Kuwait experiences torrential rains, cold wave ‘Al-Murbi’aniyah’ to continue until mid-Feb: expert

 KUWAIT CITY, Jan 5: Kuwait experienced torrential rains, accompanied by a cold wave, almost the entire day on Sunday, causing low visibility of below 200 meters that led to slow traffic movement on expressways and traffic congestions in the morning.

The presence of traffic police was intensified along most of the roads to be ready for any emergency and to ensure smooth flow of traffic. Meanwhile, astronomer Khaled Al-Jam’aan said this season, which is known as ‘Al-Murbi’aniyah’, will continue until mid-February. He explained the season usually lasts for 40 days, but this year it is a mixture of rain and cold weather due to the low atmospheric pressure that resulted in the formation of clouds which brought rains in some areas.

This was followed by high atmospheric pressure that resulted in a remarkable drop in temperatures.

On the other hand, Assistant Undersecretary for Engineering Maintenance in the Ministry of Public Works Eng Saud Al-Naqi asserted the rain drainage system condition is good, considering no roads were closed due to the heavy downpour except in two locations - Abu Dhabi Street in Suleibikhat and the Southern Police Station in Jahra. He said the emergency team at the ministry rushed to the area and took the necessary measures to solve problem; stressing both roads were closed only for a short period.

Al-Naqi added the ministry implemented the plan, which was laid down after the heavy rains in November last year. He disclosed the plan is part of efforts to avoid the recurrence of the floods the country witnessed due to the heavy downpour at the time.

He said the ministry focused on the areas which were flooded in November; thereby, preventing the recurrence of the incident. He confirmed interim Minister of Public Works, Electricity and Water Eng Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim is personally following up the issue and is keen on guaranteeing that all the rain drainage systems are functioning well.

He said the ministry usually receives calls through its hotline number 150 from citizens and expatriates who report flooding in their areas but no such calls were received Sunday.

By: Mohammad Al-Enezi Al-Seyassah Staff

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