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File of Company closed Under article 72 ( trading in Visa)

I have been working in a computer shop for over eight years. Recently I returned from vacations to find that the shop has been closed.

The owner sold the shop and the new owner has opened a bookshop. The new owner wants to hire me and I have accepted the offer. My old sponsor is also ready to give me a release.

But when my new sponsor went to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, the officers at the ministry refused to accept the transfer application because my previous company’s file has closed under Article 72.

The officials also advised me to go to another office in Farwaniya with my old sponsor so that the case can be settled but my sponsor is not ready to go there.

Now my residency will expire in one month. What can I do? Please advise me.

I am from Bangladesh so I can’t cancel my residence, go home and then return on a new visa because of the restriction on new visas for Bangladeshis.

Name withheld

Please remember that you won’t be able to get any transaction done as long as the file of your sponsor is closed.

Article 72 relates to trade in visas. It is possible that someone with your sponsor’s visa might have been caught working somewhere else. There are two ways to get around this problem.

One, your sponsor must go to the office in Farwaniya, as instructed by the ministry, to clear the objections – which resulted in closure of the file — raised against his firm. Unless the objections are set aside, the file will not be reopened and all transactions linked to the firm will remain suspended.

The Ministry of Social Affairs, once in a while, allows people affected by the closure of their companies files to change the status of their residence but no such amnesty is in place at the moment. Secondly, you can take your previous employer to court and the court – after hearing the case – can order the transfer of your residence to the new sponsor. On the question of residence, you should ask your sponsor to get you temporary residence, Article 14, when your current residence expires so that you are not illegal in the country.

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