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Al-Khudari, Al-Taneeb & Al-Ghuweinim
‘All-hands-on-deck’ approach needed to beat crime in Kuwait ‘Organised crime new to Kuwaiti society’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 4: Technological development, change of community structure and lack of good moral exemplars facilitate organized crime, which has become ‘’pain in the neck’’ and extremely dangerous to the state and the community, reports Al- Watan Arabic daily. This was revealed in a television interview on a program known as ‘’Tawi Al-leil’’ by retired Lt Gen Musaed Al-Ghuweinim, journalist Jassem Al- Taneeb and psychologist Suleiman Al-Khudari who unanimously agreed that organized crime has infiltrated our society.

They stressed that organized crimes such as terrorism, forgery, counterfeit and bribery are new to the Kuwaiti society, which in the past, knew only eastern conservative moral trends and values, stressing that quick intervention is needed by everyone, including the state and the community, to protect and preserve the country and its people from crime.

For his part, Lt Gen Al- Ghuweinim suggested that, an institution represented by the Ministries of Information, Education, Interior, Health and Awqaf should be established in an attempt to curb spread of violence in the country, and to come up with useful solutions to counter this social phenomenon. He also called upon the authority to adopt Qatar and UAE’s successful experience with the installation of surveillance cameras, affirming that the method will help solve about 60 percent of the crimes currently happening in Kuwait. Journalist Jassem Al- Taneeb is of the view that the newspapers have become one of the reasons behind the growing rate of social violence due to the manner in which they exaggerate and present detailed description of incidents and resort to thrilling headlines.

Al-Taneeb called upon the news agencies to rephrase crime reports in a professional manner without giving detailed description of such incidents. He also said advanced technology and emergence of social communication websites have created an easy and quick window for news to be circulated even before they are published in the newspapers. Psychologist Suleiman Al- Khudari indicated the matter is becoming complex with time, thus it’s imperative to conduct objective and detailed studies on the reason behind the phenomenon — whether it’s social or educational or moral.

He blamed the new media for portraying criminals as role models to be imitated. He also said violent sports, divorce, addiction and family breakup in the Kuwaiti community instill violence among individuals.

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