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Dependent visa for Pakistani wife

I would like to ask about applying for a dependent visa for my wife. I am from Pakistan and working in private firm. My salary has been mentioned as KD 300 on the work permit. Please tell me whether the visas are open for Pakistanis as I am not sure whether the ban is still in place or not. Is it possible to get a visit or residence visa for my wife.

Name withheld

Answer: Nearly two months ago a senior immigration official said it was working on new “controls and mechanisms” which would allow citizens in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen to apply for an entrance or dependency visa. Earlier, a minister said dependent visas had been opened for all Pakistanis working in the public sector while those in the private sector could also get dependent visas for their wives and children as long as their sons were 15 years or under and daughters a maximum of 18 years. All said and done, dependent visas for Pakistanis are still “restricted” and are subject to clearance from the security authorities.

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