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Avoid using title ‘Illegal Residents’ for MoI, MoD Bedoun employees ‘Justice’ sanctions comprehensive salary raise

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: The Fatwa and Legislation Department has addressed ministries of Interior and Defense to avoid using the title ‘Illegal Residents’ for Bedoun employees of the two ministries, which the ministries had two months ago agreed to comply with in order to avoid legal implications that might arise in the future, reports Al-Rai daily.

The document sent by the Fatwa and Legislation Department to both ministries indicated that referring Bedouns as ‘Illegal Residents’ will render their employment to be illegal and prone to termination.

This is because using such a title indicates that the government acknowledges their illegal residential status. Therefore, employing them in sensitive governmental authorities puts both the ministries and the affected individuals in a weak position. If a citizen files a case against this matter, the citizen will win the case and it will be an embarrassment to both ministries as well as the country. The document also stated that the laws of military and police sector allow its ministers to employ non- Kuwaitis in the police and military cadre when deemed necessary and through a decision by the Cabinet.

Therefore, referring non-Kuwaitis as illegal residents will nullify the clause and employing them will be legally impossible. Moreover, those who endorse such appointments will be prone to legal questioning on the basis that they violated the laws of the military establishments by employing people whom the state admits are residing illegally in the country.

The department indicated that the Bedoun employees of both Interior and Defense ministries should be referred as ‘non-Kuwaiti’ as it was done before in order to avoid any international, legal, judicial or financial obligations that can inflict the state over such a title.

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