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Envoy vows legal action against ‘trouble makers’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait Abdul Karim Suleiman said the necessary legal procedures will be taken against anyone who will try to disrupt the constitutional referendum for Egyptians residing in the country. Speaking at a press conference in the embassy premises in Da’iya Thursday, Suleiman revealed the referendum will take place from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Jan 8-12. He said the votes will be counted immediately after the voting process on the last day of the referendum and the results will be forwarded to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs before 9:00 am on Jan 15. Suleiman added the voters are not allowed to raise political slogans or hold activities inside and around the voting area in order to avoid influencing the decisions of others during the referendum.

Meanwhile, he hopes the political situation in Egypt will not affect the Egyptian community in Kuwait; considering their good reputation and they have proven in many occasions that they are committed to their work. Commenting on the allegation that some groups like the Muslim Brotherhood intend to disrupt the voting process, Suleiman affirmed all the precautionary measures have been taken to prevent any untoward incident. He stressed he will not allow anyone to carry out such acts, while thanking the Kuwaiti authorities for their assistance to ensure the referendum pushes ahead without any unnecessary interruption. He then advised the Egyptians residing in Kuwait to log on to to read articles of the constitution from the original sources. He warned the community against referring to unofficial sources which cannot be trusted, indicating the embassy organized three seminars to explain details of the new constitution. According to the ambassador, about 134,000 Egyptians have registered in the voters’ list and 12,000 were added to those who registered in the last elections. He confirmed the required steps have been taken to ensure the referendum is organized.

He also invited the local organizations to observe the voting process provided they have the permit to do so. On the other hand, sources said a large number of Egyptians living in Kuwait are expected to participate in the referendum. They added this might be a heavy burden for the embassy, which had earlier tested the barcode devices in preparation for the referendum; while ensuring there are enough poll boxes which will be used for the first time.

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