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Travelling on temporary passport issued by embassy

My husband had submitted his passport to our embassy for renewal 3 months ago, but still his passport hasn’t arrived (for renewal we have to send it our own country) and now he is supposed to travel out of Kuwait for vacation.

My embassy says they can provide a “temporary passport” with a validity of one year. Can my husband travel back and forth with that “temporary passport”. We also hope that the Kuwait Immigration Department won’t object to this temporary document.

Name withheld
When you get a passport for one year, it is not a “temporary document” and the local government, through the Immigration Department, can’t object to the same as long as you transfer your residence to this one-year passport. On this one-year passport you can travel out of the country as any times as you want. This passport is unlike the temporary document your embassy issues for a one-time travel. As long as you have the residence on your passport, you will not have any problems travelling in or out of the country. Once you get your “main passport” don’t forget to again transfer your residence to that passport

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