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Article 14 residence

Are there two different kinds of Article 14 visas? Because you mentioned you used the words “can’t” and “can” when talking about travelling out of Kuwait in separate paragraphs in your answer although the answer still points to the same visa 14 (from what I understand).

Here are the questions and answers. Travel On Temporary Residence: I’ve cancelled my work visa and I have now an extension for 3 months. I’d like to know if I can travel and come back to Kuwait normally in these 3 months or if I travel, I will lose the visa.

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No, you can’t travel on the ‘extension.’ This is not an ‘extension’ per se. It is a ‘temporary residence’ on Article 14. You can only travel out of the country when you are on a proper residence ie Article 18 (work permit). If you are on Article 14 you can travel out of the country but will not be allowed to return.

Not only that, you will also lose the main visa and will have to get the work permit cancelled before you can apply for a new one to get back to Kuwait. If you look closely, we are saying the same thing. What we have said is that when you are on an Article 14 visa (temporary residence) you can’t use it to travel in and out of the country… only out because you can’t return to Kuwait, while you are on the Article 14 visa.

So yes, you can travel out, but can’t travel back. So, no one will stop you when you are travelling out of Kuwait, but no one will allow you to return as long as you are on that residence. Not only that, you will also lose the opportunity — if you travel out on the Article 14 visa — to renew your main residence.

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