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Progress made in cash deposit scam 3-mths time for Customs

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 31: The government has forwarded to the Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim several documents which parliamentary investigation committee for the multimillion deposits demanded to facilitate its job, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting a ministerial source. The same source confirmed that government is ready to cooperate with the parliament and its committees to fulfill the requirements of both executive and legislative authorities. He revealed the documents included a letter from the Public Prosecution that made the job of the investigation committee possible, noting the Public Prosecution had checked all documents related to the case and did not find evidence against suspects who have been charged for violating public funds and receiving bribes, and as a result, the case is shelved indefinitely. He noted the parliamentary committee is entitled to its decision provided that it’s along the lines of the constitution and bylaw, while the committee’s decision or procedure must not oppose those of the Public Prosecution.

In a telephone conversation, the committee chairperson MP Dr Ali Al-Omair declined clarifications on the mechanism of dealing with the new governmental documents and said the committee is still conducting secret investigations in that concern. He indicated the outcome of investigations and decisions made thereof will be declared after the committee has fulfilled its tasks. In another development, Head of the Parliamentary Budgets and Concluding Statement Committee MP Adnan Abdulsamad stated the committee gave three months grace period to the General Customs Department to resolve the contract signed with one service company. He explained the company in question filed a petition to demand KD one billion compensation from the Customs Department, claiming the contract it signed with the department is full of weak points through which the company had stopped paying dues worth millions of dinars, based on a letter issued by an employee of the Customs Department.

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