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Government offers alternative to proposed housing loan hike Subsidizing building materials on the table

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 31: The government has offered alternatives to the proposed increase of housing loan by subsidizing building materials after recording KD 6 billion in housing loans within five years, reports Al- Rai daily. According to parliamentary sources that attended the recent meeting of the parliamentary finance committee with several other governmental bodies, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) perceives that any attempt to raise the housing loan will trigger rent increase. They also said the finance committee has requested specific documents from PAHW in relation to the proposal. As regards increasing child support fund, sources indicated that government and the Parliament have agreed to endorse the proposal, but the finance committee is requesting specific figures to prepare detailed report before the final phrasing of the report.

Meanwhile, the Final Accounts and Budget Committee has given the Customs General Department three months to resolve the case of one company it signed a contract with. Based on the agreement between customs department and the company, the latter was to conduct development activities and operate private support services for customs operations in all its domains, and subsequent to flouting of the contract, the company is demanding compensation of KD 800 million. Elsewhere, MP Rakan Al-Nisf has called for HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah to select competent ministers who can cope with the parliamentary and public expectations and are apt to accomplish the public expectations presented during the public opinion poll. In a press statement, MP Al-Nisf said “this is the chance for HH the Prime Minister to reduce the number of Sheikhs in the Cabinet’’, indicating ‘’the standard of ministerial work should be about performance and not titles or belonging to the ruling family.’’ Al-Nisf stressed the importance of appointing housing affairs minister to be in-charge of the ministry to ensure to better serve the citizen. For his part, MP Saud Al-Khureinej affirmed that the coming period should be about work and achievements, and not aggravations or provocations. He said the need for the upcoming government to show good intentions to the National Assembly by proving it pursues achievements.

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