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Kuwaiti birds facing 'drought' of joy

AS usual, the Kuwaiti birds have started migrating since the New Year vacation is fast approaching. The birds migrated because the country is facing a ‘drought’ of joy. Everything is forbidden here.

The Ministry of Interior has formed security teams to spy on private residences. These teams may break windows once they hear music or smell nondairy drinks — the only legitimate drinks — from residential buildings.

The ministry might even order the arrest of whoever buys ice from the groceries because, in its opinion, people use ice in such circumstances. They stifled the festive mood in the country, or rather, they strangulated the country. May God frustrate them. Forgive us! A famous proverb says, “One day for you and one day against you.” — Zahed Matar

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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