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Where are Khori, Solh & Shehab?

WE should remember, at such a critical point in Lebanon’s history, the luminous days and dignitaries who lived in different periods and carved their names on the rocks of its castles. We must remember Beshara Al-Khori, Riyadh Al-Solh, Kameel Sham’on, Majeed Arselan, Sabri Hamada, Fouad Shehab and other real men who liberated their country during the French Occupation; thanks to their unity. We should also remember other real men who forced the Ottoman rule to recognize the privacy of their nation. They managed to keep their homeland, which was built on unity, in front of the Sublime Porte that sought to dismantle them.

Where are we compared to those real men who were hung on the gibbets in 1916 for the sake of the homeland that did not differentiate between a Druze, Orthodox, Catholic, Maronite, Sunni or Shiite? The reality now is completely different from the brilliant image depicted by those men for their homeland when they fought for independence and unity.  Today, Lebanon has no government. Its parliament is paralyzed as it is controlled by a gang, which claimed to represent resistance; yet, it is merely a Trojan Horse to ease procedures for Iranian dominance in a country with an Arabic face and identity.

A certain ‘power’ used weapons and oppressive methods to control the decision. It has been keen on provoking chaos between various sects. It invaded Beirut on May 7, 2008 in a bid to occupy the whole country. It released the devil of sectarian separation from the long-necked bottle, while controlling the rights of the weak as justification for its display of power over the remaining Lebanese, including those who belong to it and those who oppose it. Yes, it is wrong to think that the conflict in Lebanon is between a Sunni, Shiite, Druze and Maronite. Actually, it is a conflict between Lebanon — which represents the Arab civilization and sense of belongingness — and a small country that shows its power through the use of weapons and money to enable Iran to establish a new Persian empire, starting from the Zagros Mountains to the beaches in Beirut.

Lebanon is a unified country full of dignitaries and real men. Arabs have been exerting tremendous efforts, while spending time and money, over the last four decades to restore its Arab identity. They launched the initiative to unify the Lebanese, starting with the six-member Arab committee. At the time, Kuwait played a crucial role in the committee’s efforts to settle the conflict.  After that, they organized the Al-Ta’if Conference under the sponsorship of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This made the Arabs start feeling that this small country will soon restore its natural role. Now, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz presented a gift to arm the Lebanese Army as it alone can rescue Lebanon under such circumstances.

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques perceived, through his wisdom, that the strength of this brotherly country lies in its Army. In addition, the establishment of a real country begins in the military institution. Therefore, Saudi Arabia allotted a budget of $3 billion to arm the Lebanese Army, which has not received such an unconditional gift since the independence.

 Today, claims that the Army is weak and some parties are stronger than it have been proven false. The Army has entered the phase of restoration and rearmament. Accordingly, the other parties should seek to strengthen the military institution, that is; if they want a free, independent and unified nation to perform its role by providing political cover. This is possible through the formation of a strong government with the ability to take decisions freely, without succumbing to pressure from the terrorist that dwells in the alleys of Hassan Nasrallah.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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