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VIVA announces lucky winners of first 3 days New prepaid hourly draw campaign

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, introduced a new prepaid hourly draw campaign, giving customers a chance to win one of many Apple iPhone 5c. The campaign began on Dec 23, 2013 and will last until Jan 6, 2014.  VIVA’s hourly prepaid draw campaign offers customers chances by recharging their prepaid lines where they will automatically gain one chance to enter the draw for every KD1 spent. VIVA will hold an hourly draw as of 24 December, choosing 24 lucky prepaid winners on a daily basis. Through this newly launched campaign, VIVA is presenting its loyal prepaid customers a treat with the latest iPhone 5c.

VIVA reiterates its commitment to providing unique promotions designed to create an exceptional customer experience and reward its prepaid customers for their continued trust in VIVA.  VIVA will continue to seek new and innovative ways to facilitate the lives of its customers and share with them the latest in communication technology.
To find out more about VIVA’s new prepaid draw or any of its other competitive promotions, products and packages, visit one of the 48 VIVA branches, or the VIVA website at, or call VIVA’s 24 hour call center on 102. 

VIVA is the fastest-growing telecom operator in Kuwait. Launched in December 2008, VIVA makes things Possible for its customers by transforming communication, information and entertainment experiences. The company has rapidly established an unrivalled position in the market through its customer centric approach.
VIVA’s quest is to be the mobile brand of choice in Kuwait by being transparent, engaging, energetic and fulfilling. VIVA continues to take a considerable share of the market by offering an innovative range of best value products, services and content propositions; a state of the art, nationwide network and world-class service.

VIVA offers internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps, due to the implementation of the most advanced fourth generation (4G LTE) network in Kuwait resulting in superior coverage, performance and reliability.

Winners of the 23, 24 & 25 December draws

Winner #,     Draw #1,                                          Draw #2,                           Draw #3
1.     Khaled Mohammad Faleh Aladwani       Share Enjiva                   Shah Jeehan Daood
2.     Fahed Alhumaidi Awad Alyaed              Ismat Sheeba Alhamad    Abdulmuneer Konathobika
3.     Shajimon Mandella Barambath         Suheil Anjam Ajaz Ahmad    Nasser Alshamari.
4.     Kudawi Anderaghji Sarachandra       Tasoor Aqbal Mohammad Afdal    Shatornja Amila
5.     Narkisuji Ar                                                 Mohammad Aleem                Khalaf Athab
6.     Mohammad Ibrahim Uwaid Albathani      Mohammad Sayed       Marifis
7.     Jisho Keeda Jimida                                         Altaf Hussein    Mohammad Mujab Dalihi
8.     Inad Ajeel                                                          Sara Sheikh Sheikh    Mishari Rashed Almutairi
9.     Anwar Bovatingal Majed                                Ashook Lal Razaq Amreet     Mary Lan
10.     Jobileem Oreo                                             Ghadeer Khaled    Farhan Fahad Hindi Alinzi
11.     Abdullah Ibrahim Almazidi                      Wahida Mamujakat Taseel    Ahrar Abdullah Alinzi
12     Mishari Fahad Atiya Alshamari                           Vinkania                Batla Alhajeri
13.     Hamad Rashed Ali Almari              Azhar Khan Ahmed Hussein    Ashraf Maynkar
14.     Habibi Alrahman Hafeeth Aldeen      Sheikh Kareem                 Ahmad Ibrahim Mohammad Alshati
15.     Mohammad Jueel Tota                     Mohammad Saleh Ajeem Baabad     Abdulrazzaq Yunis
16.     Jeen Berera Patrick                       Jarah Hassan Alanzi                       Ali Mohammad
17.     Omar Bader Saeed                                 Saleh Eyad Sleiman       Saud Mansour Ali Alajmi
18.    Assaf Nasser Khaled Al Oseimi                Saad Hussein       Mohammad Mohammad Rabee’ Almajd
19.     Thomas Jacob                                            Sherly Weenas        Sayed Sulaiman
20.     Salam Kala Kandy                                       Mohammad Adel     Kashru Lal Batidar
21.     Mohammad Abdulrahman Mahdi Marwan    Sheikh Ali Batan     Khaled Mohammad Hashem
22.     Majed Dakhel Fadous                        Farshan                                 Abdulaziz Saad Alazimi
23.     Khaled Mohammad Almuwaiziri    Raseeq Farid Qassem Lebi    Mohammad Mazi Ayed Alrshaidi
24.     Jaber Amer Alazimi                            Tareq Mohammad                  Mohammad Murshid.

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