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Wataniya offers advanced network services utilizing U900

Wataniya Telecom, the first private telecom operator in the country, is now presenting the most advanced network in Kuwait offering customers excellent 4G/LTE internet service and brilliant mobile network coverage.With an investment of over $ 400 million, Wataniya has partnered with Huawei and Ericsson to inaugurate a new network for a better future for its customers.
Wataniya Telecom has utilized the new U900 technology in its new network structure for the first time in Kuwait. The U900 provides high voice clarity giving customers incredible voice experience while indoor and significant reduction in drop calls. Customers will enjoy the best of indoor coverage and voice clarity from Wataniya Telecom.
The new U900 technology is characterized by its deep indoor penetration and its ability to reach beyond barriers such as cement, metal, wood and water. Therefore, it delivers better indoor coverage such as in basements, high-rise buildings, elevators, and even under water.Customers of Wataniya using mobile phones that support 3G/4G networks on 900 MHz will feel the difference in call clarity and strength of indoor coverage.
Now, customers of Wataniya can absolutely enjoy the best of telecom services through the most advanced network in Kuwait. Wataniya has rebuilt its network to fulfill the needs and requirements of its customers today and in the future.

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