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How long will Beirut ‘placate’ Nasrallah

DID Lebanon envisage the current stormy political intrigues, up to the extent of leaving the country without a government while waiting for the approval of Hezbollah? Is delay bringing life back to its institutions not tantamount to participating in the criminal act of destroying the country? Does it not mean dragging the country into a civil war in the absence of political decision, paralysis of the security apparatus and instability of economic life?

How many car explosions and assassinations do the reasonable Lebanese need to discard the veil of fear and confront a Hezbollah that has been trying hard to transform the country into an empty republic? Will they continue to allow the black and bloody rooks fill the streets killing whoever opposes their opinions, while taking control of institutions and shutting down governance?

Lebanon is no longer moving towards civil war, because the country is already enmeshed in it deeply. Acquisition of weapons has become like daily bread for the parties involved, and explosions claim innocent lives to the extent that places of worship are not spared. Counter accusations, mourning at graves of martyrs and surrendering to the killers are prices paid by the poor to appease the devilish killers all the time.

They imagine that offering a ministerial portfolio or parliamentary quota to Nasrallah is enough to pacify him. They are unaware of the fact that his focus is to either rule the country or set fire to it. After spilling blood in Syria, his desire to control areas bigger than Lebanon is unguarded. When will the people of Lebanon stop behaving true to the saying, “He has fed us with beating and we have fed him with insult?”
Hezbollah assassinates the moderate voice whenever people agree on ideas that guarantee national peace.

Did the devilish armed gangsters not come out to silence Rafiq Al-Hariri who spent all his life initiating dialogue with Nasrallah to avoid the senseless wars in Lebanon? What was the outcome of his action? They assassinated Al-Hariri, which led the country into serious war in 2006, followed by a series of assassinations —  the most recent of which was the killing of Mohammad Shateh. The latest victim was the most moderate voice among his peers as he tried hard to keep the window of negotiation with everybody open.

The Lebanese elite should realize that hiding behind speeches and slogans is no longer useful, because this move will not prevent killers from committing crimes; it will rather aggravate the level of crimes and collapse of the country. If Lebanon is determined to take historic steps to overpower the blood-thirsty monster and to avoid transformation of the country into a forest of monsters where these monster devour each other, the elite should confront Hezbollah head-on. They should stand firm against its political activities and positions; through which the extremist group strips the country of all freedom, progressive and civil perspectives.

Do 80 percent of the Lebanese from various sects and doctrines, who are against Hezbollah ideologies, not have right to peaceful co-existence? These people hold their united Lebanon in high esteem, while struggling hard to regain lost hope that almost drove away members of political parties out of the country at a particular point.

These people alone, without propaganda speeches and slogans, will not allow Hezbollah and Nasrallah; as well as their principal Iran, to take over Lebanon. In the same manner they forced out invaders over the ages, they will not leave Lebanon to become a prey to Iranians disguising as Lebanese.

Definitely, the price will be very high; so those who are supposed to protect the constitution and the country should be decisive in their action. They must form a government to move forward with the national project. They should start by removing the cancerous tumor known as ‘Hezbollah’.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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