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Ex-MP says displeased over negative phenomena among youths

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: Former lawmaker Abdullah Al-Nebari is displeased and frustrated over the negative phenomena and attitudes springing up among the Kuwaiti youths who go to the extent of killing inside shopping malls due to illogical or trivial reasons, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Nebari declared this at the inauguration of Democratic Platform Bloc’s Camp in Shedadiyah Saturday afternoon.

He said the lawbreakers only have the passion for violating the constitution and that some youths break traffic laws at will by driving in a reckless manner on the roads and making it impossible for people to keep quiet. He urged the concerned agencies and institutions to combine efforts and embark on appropriate public orientation and awareness campaigns for youths.

The agencies should enlighten and encourage the youth on the need to attain the highest academic certificates and scientific experience to serve the country. Speaking at the forum, Secretary General of the Democratic Platform Bloc Bander Al-Khairan urged youths to toe the path of compatriots who have prioritized Kuwait and its interest. He enjoined the concerned authorities to provide the right support and encouragement for youths, because they are the structure and pillar of the nation and future leaders.

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