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IES crowned Inter-School Badminton Champs FAIPS emerge first runners-up

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: Indian Educational School (IES ... more commonly known as Bhavans) students showed their class to win the 3rd Inter School Badminton Championship, organized by the Indian Badminton Association-Kuwait (IBAK), at the IBAK Salwa Gym recently. The IES (Bhavans) A team compiled a total of 86 points to clinch the crown with the FAIPS — Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian Pvt (DPS) School A team finishing as first runners-up with 61 points. This was the third year in a row that the Bhavans had collected the trophy.

The tournament, which had J.S. Dangi — Second Secretary of the Embassy of India to Kuwait — as the chief guest attracted over students from the following schools:
1. FAIPS — Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian Pvt (DPS)
2. Indian Educational School (Bhavans)
3. Indian Central School, Abbassiya
4. Carmel School, Kheitan
5. Indian Integrated School
6. Jabriya Indian School
7. Pakistan School, Mangaf
8. India International School, Mangaf
9. Gulf India School

The tournament was a segregated one (all sections had boys and girls sections) for three different categories — Under 14, Under 16 and Under 19.There were several nail-biting matches in both the singles and doubles format for boys and girls. The points gained by the various schools in each category were totaled to decide the championship. The Under 14 Boys singles championship went to Keegan of DPS A while Keegan and Ashley of the same school joined hands to collect the doubles crown. Ansley (DPS A) was the first runner up in the singles section while Sayooj and Umair (ICS A) were the first runners in the doubles category. Umair (ICS A) finished second runner up in the singles event while Manas and Bino (IIS Strickers) were the second runners in the doubles side of the category.

Nivedha Manimaran (DPS A) collected the Under 14 Singles Girls title while Nivedha Manimaran and Harshita (DPS A) joined hands to win the doubles championship of the same category. Sreeja Apparaju (DPS B) was the first runner up in the singles while Niyathi and Sindhu (UT) were the first runners up in the doubles. Harshitha Mukundan (DPS A) was second runner up while the same position in the doubles was taken by Sheril and Sushmitha (Bhavans A). In Under 16 Boys, Shyam (Bhavans A) was the singles champion while Shyam and Gokul (Bhavans A) clinched the doubles championship. Nithin (DPS A) took the first runner up trophy in singles while Nithin and Alex (DPS A) were first runners up in doubles. The second runner up in singles was Gokul (Bhavans A) while in the doubles it was Parth and Mayank (DPS B).

The Under 16 Girls category saw Harsha Vardhini (Bhavans A) take the singles trophy while Harsha and Neha (Bhavans A) emerged as the best in the doubles section. Neha (Bhavans A) was also the first runner-up in singles. Merlin Mathew (UT) took the second runner up singles trophy while Vaishnavi and Merlin (UT) finished second runners up in doubles. In the Under 19 Boys, it was Anirudh (Bhavans A) while Sai Khrishnan and Steve (UT) took the trophy in the doubles. Saikhrishnan (UT) was the first runner up in singles with Anirudh and Aditya (Bhavans A) the first runners up in doubles. Erich James (DPS A) was the second runners up in singles with the same place in doubles going to Erich James and Abhishek Kalya (DPS A).

The Under 19 Girls category saw Jawariya Saleem (PKS) emerge as champion while Heli Gandhi and Saili Abhijith (Bhavans A) were the best in doubles. Saili Abhijith (Bhavans A) was the first runner up in singles while the same position in doubles went to Madhumita and Ahshiya (Bhavans A). Heli Gandhi (Bhavans A) was the second runner up in singles with Promise and Nabirathu (JIS) the second runner-up in doubles. By the holding this tournament, IBAK has confirmed that it is the only organization which is holding the inter-school tournaments. This year IBAK had scored another first when they organized a championship for all the badminton organizations in the country.

To ensure that the organization builds on achievements over the last three years and nine months since its creation, IBAK recently elected the following officials to the IBAK Committee for the period 2013-2016:
Chairman: Dr Manimara Chozhan
General Secretary: Sreekumar Gopinath
Public Relations Secretary: Satish Kumar
Membership Secretary: Subramoniam
Audit Secretary: Oommen
Event Management Secretary: Ajayakumar Vasudevan
Web Affairs Secretary: Sanal Nambiar
Jt Web Affairs Secretary: Ashir Ashraf
Courts Secretary: Giri Narayan
Jt Courts: Pradeep Kumar
Fine Arts Secretary: Dr Subash Chander
Ladies Wing Secretary: Sandhiya Shetty
Jt Ladies Wing Secretary: Kundana Kishore
Coaching Secretary: Shyam Sadwani
Tournament Secretary: Tom Jacob

On the day, IBAK also elected the following as members of the Advisory Council for the same duration:
1. Madan Mohan
2. Sunil Raj
3. Clara Fernandez
4. Abdul Raheem Abbas
Very few organizations, especially those linked only to sports activities, in the country have achieved so much in such a short time, but all the different but confident IBAK office-bearers — led by their president from the start Dr Manimara Chozhan — have worked extremely hard to make IBAK one of the premier badminton organizations in Kuwait.
While thriving in the sports arena, IBAK has become a banner under which the organization holds some exciting social functions.

With all the success achieved within a relatively short period, the officials could sit back and marvel at their achievements but the IBAK officials are not sitting around idly .They have long- term plans which involve a lot of local and international tournaments.
With this as one of their main aims, IBAK has started holding regular coaching camps, or training modules as the officials are calling them, for various levels of players.
IBAK was formally launched on April 14, 2010 at the Qadsiya Sports Complex, and from the very first day Dr Mani and his dedicated group of office-bearers — and there have been many — have worked really hard not only to set up a permanent home for the organization, but also to arrange quality tournaments for all the IBAK members.

It was at the start of 2010 when a few badminton enthusiasts discussed the formation of an Indian sports group dedicated to badminton. Led by Dr Mani and his team, an initial drive was launched to enroll 100 members for the Indian Embassy registration.
With a lot of hard work being put in by all those involved it was not long before this aim was achieved .After that, with some limited facilities, Indian Badminton Association in Kuwait (IBAK) was formally launched on April 14, 2010 at the Qadsiya Sports Complex.

All the office bearers then worked hard to ensure that IBAK meets were a success. All of them have performed the tasks assigned to them with admirable enthusiasm rarely witnessed in an expatriate organization. With such hardworking teams regularly at the helm of IBAK, there is no doubt that the organization is headed for great success, a lot which it has already been achieved. IBAK wish to once again announce that it also has an official website which is currently packed with all the activities it has arranged since its birth. All interested in taking part in IBAK activities can ask for details on

By Jose Gabriel
Special to the Arab Times

By: Jose Gabriel

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