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‘Appeals’ orders car firm to pay citizen KD 2,000 comp Court approves woman’s request for divorce

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: The Administration Circle of the Court of Appeals presided over by Judge Adel Al- Juwaid ordered a big car company to pay compensation of KD 2,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen, thereby amending the verdict of the lower court, which had obligated the company to pay a compensation of KD 400. According to the case files, the citizen through his Lawyer Mariam Al- Bahr filed a case against the company after discovering a grave fault in the tyres of a 2012-model German car that he bought from the company, which did not meet necessary safety standards. Lawyer Al-Bahr filed the case against the company and its manager for intentionally duping her client by attempting to hide the specification details of the product the company was selling. Based on this case, the lower court had convicted the company and ordered it to pay a fine.

Later, Lawyer Al-Bahr filed a civil compensation case against the company and its manager for the physical and moral damages her client suffered for which the lower court obligated the defendants to pay a sum of KD 400 to the plaintiff. She appealed against the lower court ruling, stressing that the compensation was not properly estimated, as the defendants had directly breached the law and must therefore bear full consequence of their mistake in this regard. The court rejected the appeal because the company and its manager are not responsible for the fault discovered in the car. However, the court amended the lower court’s verdict concerning the fine, ordering the defendants to pay a fine of KD 2,000 instead of KD 400.

Divorce’ okayed: The Court of First Instance, presided over by Judge Fahad Bu Sulaib, approved the request of a female citizen to be divorced from her husband. Lawyer for the woman, Dr Faisal Al-Oteibi, disclosed that his client filed for divorce due to the physical and verbal abuse she suffered in her married life, in addition to her husband’s refusal to provide for her needs. The woman also complained that her husband always came home late and has had relationships with other women. She said her husband forced her out of the marital home without any valid reason, prompting her to file for divorce.

Custody granted: The Ja’afari Personal Status Section issued a verdict to grant the custody of the children to their mother and ordered the husband to pay his wife KD 800 monthly alimony to take care of the children and housemaid. Counsel to the plaintiff Lawyer Maryam Faisal Al- Bahr explained the marriage contract was through the Sunni doctrine, which the wife never agreed to as claimed by the husband and the marriage certificate. She pleaded with the court to dismiss the argument of the husband who did not want to pay expenses for his children.

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