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Changes to cut mortality rate in obesity ops eyed Plan to set up office for docs transactions

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: Dr Ahmad Murad, a general consultant, speculum surgery consultant and obesity surgery consultant at Amiri Hospital says the Ministry of Health’s Obesity Surgery Protocol Committee will submit to the ministry three recommendations regarding the amendments to be made in the obesity surgery protocol before the end of this month, reports Al- Seyassah daily. Dr Murad, who is also a member of the committee, explained that the first recommendation is about anesthetic doctors in the public and private hospitals wherein the protocol suggests allowing senior specialists to participate in surgeries instead of restricting it to specialists alone as in the past. The second suggestion is that the ministry should allow senior registrars to carry out obesity surgery in the public hospitals instead of restricting it only to the specialists. The third suggestion recommends exempting balloon surgery from the condition concerning heaviness, which forbids carrying out obesity surgery for excess weight below 40 kgs. Regarding the controversy about the dangers of obesity surgery in public hospitals especially after an incident of death during such an operation at Sabah Hospital, Dr Murad explained that the death occurred due to straining of stomach and liposuction rather than from the muzzling of the stomach.


He went on to explain that the patient had insisted on being discharged from the hospital immediately after the surgery, because of which she was responsible for her decision that led to the worsening of her health condition and death. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health will soon establish an office to handle the personal transactions of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti doctors, reports Al- Anba daily quoting sources. Sources revealed the ministry is now preparing the mechanism for the establishment of the office, which is expected to be announced officially next year. Sources explained the office will assist doctors in completing their personal transactions, especially after the endorsement of the salary increment for foreign doctors who flocked to the ministry to complete their increment transactions on a daily basis; thereby, disrupting operations in hospitals. Sources said the office will be manned by qualified employees with knowledge on handling the personal transactions of doctors. Sources disclosed all that is needed is for the doctors to present their transactions and the rest will be done by the office. Sources pointed out that through this initiative the doctors can focus on serving the patients without worrying about their personal transactions. Sources added that, if the idea proves to be successful, it will be generalized to include nurses and technical employees in the hospitals and every medical facility.

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