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The MOI launched a traffic awareness campaign at the Avenues Mall on Thursday and announced a prize money of KD 300 for best driver
Up to KD 300 to perfect drivers

 KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26, (KUNA): Up to 300 Kuwaiti dinars (KD) is the prize the Ministry of Interior (MoI) is willing to pay to drivers with immaculate driving records, a ministry traffic awareness campaign launched here on Thursday announced. The campaign, sponsored jointly by the ministry and Boubyan Bank, aims to urge the public to be wary of traffic rules and regulations in their daily use of the nation’s highways and byways, said acting director of the General Traffic Department Brigadier Saleh Al-Najem in a statement to the press made at the launching of the awareness campaign at The Avenues Mall.

The campaign — which will be mostly promoted via the nation’s major malls and shopping centers, radio and TV stations, the Internet and social networks and newspapers — will grant cash rewards to ten ideal drivers with squeaky-clean driving histories at a ceremony at the end of the campaign which is expected to last for a whole month, said Adel Al-Hashash, MoI’s PR and Moral Guidance Director.

Stressing that problems related to the traffic in Kuwait required a partnership between the MoI and the public, Saleh Budustoor, acting assistant to the director of the General Traffic Department said at the launching ceremony at the Avenues Mall that it was imperative that the private and public sectors worked together to come up with concrete solutions for traffic problems that seemed to persist indefinitely. Such a partnership is embodied in the joint efforts of the ministry and Boubyan Bank to promote the awareness campaign by elevating public knowledge regarding road safety and abidance by all traffic laws, said Waleed Al- Yaqout, administrative manager at the bank. He added that honoring ideal drivers was meant to be a token of appreciation to their respect for traffic rules and regulations and human lives on the road.

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