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Kuwaiti filmmaker Farah Al Hashem
Kuwaiti wins film awards

NEW YORK, Dec 26, (KUNA): Kuwaiti filmmaker Farah Al-Hashem was announced the winner of best actress and best screenplay awards for her self-produced short film (7 Hours) which debuted at the Women’s Independent Film Festival. “I am very happy. I have to say that I was also very humbled to win the award for acting,” said an ecstatic Al- Hashem in a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). The young creative filmmaker is also a news correspondent and advisor at the United Nations, who describes herself as a “challenge-seeking spirit, always aspiring to hone my artistic skills and creative vision.” On the film, Al- Hashem said “it’s a five-minute long short movie that I simply shot with my iPhone.” “It documented, as the title suggests, the seven hours flight period between Beirut and New York. It features me revealing a potpourri of emotions; homesickness, romance, sadness, yearning and happiness all back-dropped by random shots of and between the two cities that I love.” The California-based Women’s Independent Film Festival celebrates and gives voice to the many diverse and unique perspectives offered by women in cinema from every part of the world. The Festival awards and screens the best independent films made by women filmmakers from around the world

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