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Court acquits young man of sexually exploiting girl

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: A youth was acquitted by the Court of First Instance chaired by Judge Adnan Al- Jassem of having sex with a psychologically unstable young woman and making her pregnant. The Public Prosecution charged the youth for engaging the woman in sexual intercourse, although she wasn’t forced, threatened or tricked into the act, but because she is insane and did not understand what she was doing. The woman claimed she was in love with the suspect who promised to marry her, so he took her to a parking lot at Hawalli one night and had sex with her in the back seat of his car.

She said the youth took her to another parking lot in Sulaibiya where he repeated the act for a second time. She added the youth did it the third time inside the Sulaibiya Park and threatened her with a knife when she resisted, and that she thought the act was a normal thing that causes no harm to anybody.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother affirmed the statements of her daughter and said she knew about their relationship and had tried to stop her daughter but the man kept calling her on phone. The woman also said she confronted her daughter after discovering the pregnancy, and the girl subsequently named the youth as responsible. She maintained her daughter did not know the implication of the action due to her psychological state.

For his part, Defense Lawyer Ayed Al-Rashidi said the medical report did not indicate any injury or signs of violence, and noted the victim was 22 weeks pregnant with a living fetus but tests indicated the fetus wasn’t that of the suspect. The court agreed there was no concrete evidence to link paternity of the fetus to the suspect while the medical report tallied with the purported confession the suspect is said to have made under duress in the police station.

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