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Consumer protection right tied to ‘specific conditions’ Maintain purchase invoice: Al-Nazhan

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: Director of Consumers Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Mansour Al- Nazhan affirmed that the consumer protection right over the increase in the prices of commodities during the winter season including certain items such as blankets and heaters should be governed by specific conditions to ensure its effectiveness, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Nazhan said the consumer, after buying an item, maintain the purchase invoice and ensure the country of origin is clearly stated on the product. He explained that the customers, when buying heaters, must consider three main aspects. First, they must ensure the material used to manufacture the heater is not plastic so that it does not melt when it heats up.

The electric cord should not be elevated and the heater should not be placed on inflammable items. Secondly, they must ensure the product was bought from a branded store and the country of origin is clearly mentioned on the unit. It must contain an instruction booklet in English and Arabic languages, and should have commercial warranty. Regarding electronic items, he explained that the necessary safety tips that should be observed are the electronic component should have threepin plug with a 22-volt cord of length as per the customer’s requirement.

The consumer must not place any clothes on the item and they should not place the equipment at a location where clothes can fall on it. Al-Nazhan revealed that the Consumer Department receives many complaints from the consumers in cases where one or more of the abovementioned conditions are violated.

The department deals with such cases by taking necessary decisions such as withdrawing the product from the market as soon as it is found with a manufacturer defect. Its agents or distributors will bear the cost of such violations irrespective whether the product is returned to its country of origin or changed as per the consumer’s desired product.

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